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Tween Bites Teacher for Taking Away His Cell Phone

This again?
CHOMP. (Photo: Wikimedia)

CHOMP. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Dear city tweens, we need to have a chat. We thought this was fairly obvious, but considering recent events, apparently we need to reiterate this point: do not, under any circumstances, sink your braces-covered teeth into a school administrator, even if they deprive you of your beloved cell phone. Got it?

Sadly, one Lower East Side tween failed to get the memo, according to theĀ Daily News. A 14-year-old at Seward Park High School was arrested and escorted out in handcuffs for allegedly biting his teacher for attempting to take away his cell phone. Luckily the teacher was not seriously injured.

Tweens, we’re not kidding around. If you do this again your father and I will have to seriously revoke your iPhone and getting you a BlackBerry as punishment.

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