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Trolls Took @YourAnonNews For a Little Joyride Last Night

With a special guest appearance by Goatse!
Once more into the breach, eh?

Once more into the breach, eh? (Photo: Twitter)

The things you miss when you keep regular hours! The Daily Dot reports that late last night, the trolls of Rustle League briefly gained the ability to post whatever they wanted to @YourAnonNews. Naturally, they used the opportunity for bragging and, yes, lulz.

Here’s how it unfolded: Rustle League gained control of @plf2012, an account for the hacktivist group People’s Liberation Front (not to be confused with the Palestine Liberation Front) run by Commander X, a prominent Anon. The hack came with a bonus prize: YourAnonNews is a group account, meaning members–including the PLF’s–can cross-post to the feed by hashtagging tweets #YAN.

Call it being “pwn’d” rather than your usual hack, as Asher Wolf suggests.

Anyway, the gleeful trolls immediately began crowing about their success on both feeds, as well as posting–ugh, ugh, ugh–Goatse:


Rustle League changed the PLF handle to @plf1940 and maybe grabbed Commander X’s original handle so they could squat on it. They also threatened to make all the PLF’s DMs public, but backed off.

Once an admin woke up, he scrubbed the offending tweets from @YourAnonNews and went back to posting about the unrest in Turkey. Meanwhile, @plf1940 is still plastered with Goatse, so click through at your own risk.

So that’s your update on what’s popping in the troll-o-sphere.

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