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There Is Already a Craigslist Missed Connection Post for a Citi Bike Rider

Is the use of a ;-) a dealbreaker?
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The much-ballyhooed Citi Bike sharing program launched yesterday and we already have our first romantic encounter!

A post on Craigslist’s men seeking men Missed Connections section described a scene ripe out of a terrible gay indie movie. The man in question said he spotted another dude looking somehow “adorable” with one of those gaudy blue bikes straddled between his legs. Sadly, the poster was late for a meeting in Hell’s Kitchen (of course) and couldn’t seal the deal before he sped away.

Either this is the least romantic thing that’s ever happened or the best native ad we’ve ever seen.

The full post reads:

You were on the new CitiBike, heading north on 8th Avenue around 8.30pm. I passed you on my bike and talked to you about the new CitiBike program. You told me you had bought a second annual membership so you can ride with a friend. I thought that was very adorable. Unfortunately I was late for meeting a friend in Hell’s Kitchen and had to leave you at 51st street. I should have asked you if you want to do a citiride together sometime, got my own membership now, too ;-)

Who knew there were so many ways to cruise on Citi Bike?

(H/T Citi Bike superfan Myles Tanzer)

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