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The Bike Share Program Now Has an App, Naturally

You need another app.
The app. (Photo: NYC Bike Maps)

The app. (Photo: NYC Bike Maps)

Never be bikeless again, jort-wearers of the world. In conjunction with the city’s (er, Citi’s) upcoming bike share program, Belgian company WebComrades has released a new app creatively called NYC Bike Share that shows available bikes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It’s free on both iPhones and Android devices.

The slick-looking app also highlights the nearest stations to rent or return a bike, calculates routes and offers the ability to pick your favorite stations. In a release, the app warns it won’t be fully functional until all of the city’s planned 330 stations and 6,000 bikes are online sometime this month. Memberships start at $10 for a day pass and costs $95 for an annual membership.

Just don’t use the app when you’re walking–a tourist might just run you over.

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