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Teens Only Staying on Facebook to Cheat on Tests at This Point

So...teens don't write answers on their hands anymore?
Teen cheater. (Photo: India Current Affairs)

Teen jerk/cheater. (Photo: India Current Affairs)

Remember when one of the only ways to cheat on school tests was to sneak off mid-exam to the bathroom and look at your notes stuffed in your locker? Apparently teens these days are much more sophisticated, as 12 high schoolers were caught using a Facebook group to assist each other with homework and share test answers.

According to News 12 Long Island (what does their Pat Kiernan sound like?), the dozen ninth graders from West Islip School District said the page started out as a place to simply “help each other” out, but quickly escalated into a cheater’s paradise. One sheet uploaded on to the now-shuttered group included the answers to a biology test.

Superintendant Richard Simon said the student were given an out-of-school suspension. He learned of it through an anonymous letter, probably sent by a hater who wasn’t invited to the group.

This only adds to the drama on Facebook, you silly teens.

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