Oh Snap

Sorry, But This ‘Snapchat’ Song Is Your New Jam

"SnapChat, baby girl, gimme SnapChat."
Nice granite countertops.

Nice granite countertops.

Instagram has its own Fat Joe joint, and now Snapchat has its very own eponymous theme song. It’s from a group called Jump Smokers, featuring DaOutsidaz and Jamie Drastik, and you will never, ever be able to get the chorus–“Snapchat, baby girl, gimme Snapchat”–out of your head again.

All in all it’s… actually not that bad? Is that possible?

It’s pretty clear that these guys, contrary to the desperate wishes of the company’s founder, aren’t using Snapchat for chaste purposes, either. For example: “Hey baby what you got on, look here send the pics to my phone,” and “make a little video, back it up.” The video is mostly scantily clad young women writhing and gesturing at their crotches. There’s also at least one mention of twerking. The whole thing is interspersed with the familiar little clicking noise.

Just remember, kids, screenshots are forever!

BTW: The creators are now taking requests. Tinder fans, this is your chance.

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