Space the Final Frontier

Some Lucky Jerk Gets to Go to Space With Leonardo DiCaprio

All it took was $1.5 million.
Hey there, travel buddy! (Photo: Flickr, Craig Grobler)

Hey there, travel buddy! (Photo: Flickr, Craig Grobler)

Somebody check on the president of the Leonardo DiCaprio fan club, because we’ve got some bad news. E! reports that someone–it’s not clear who–has paid $1.5 million for a ticket to outer space sitting next to Mr. DiCaprio.

Can you imagine a better chance to finally make your move than a turbulent ride through the upper atmosphere, followed by at awe-inspiring gander at the curve of the Earth?

E! is on the case:

We just got word that a trip sitting next to DiCaprio on Sir Richard Branson‘s Virgin Galactic space flight went for $1.5 million at amfAR’s annual gala and auction at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Another pair of tickets for the inaugural flight went for $1.8 million. Liftoff won’t be for some time, though–flights are supposed to start in 2014, but you just never know with private aerospace ventures.

Serious question though: Didn’t any of these people ever see Titanic?

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