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Smize! Majority of New Yorkers Support More Surveillance Cameras

And you thought New Yorkers couldn't get any more narcissistic.
(Photo: Getty Images, Leon Neal/AFP)

(Photo: Getty Images, Leon Neal/AFP)

Say cheese! According to a new study by Quinnipiac University, an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers–82 percent–support an increase in surveillance cameras in public places. The majority is spread across all racial and sexual demographics, and even transcends the furthest boundaries, with both Democrats and Republicans strongly supporting it.

The survey suggests a link between the perceived threat of terrorism and the increased measures of surveillance. About 62 percent of those surveyed said that they are “very worried” or “somewhat worried” about an impending terrorist attack on the city, implying that safety trumps privacy issues.

It appears that New Yorkers are getting what they want. With over 2,400 cameras installed throughout New York City, you’re almost assuredly within a camera’s gaze at all times. Just don’t forget to smize.

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