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Seeking a Cheap Thrill? Play Social Roulette and Risk a One in Six Chance of Having Your Facebook Account Deleted

A game for the masochist in all of us.
(Photo: Social Roulette)

(Photo: Social Roulette)

Update: Facebook has revoked API access for Social Roulette, effectively killing the app. Bang.

If you’ve long considered acquiescing to the groans of privacy wonks and straight up deleting your Facebook account, but couldn’t quite bring yourself to commit social media suicide, we may have found a solution for you.

Social Roulette is a game that gives you a one in six chance of deleting your Facebook account. If you lose, the game will delete all of your posts, friends, photos and other elements of your profile before completely deactivating it. If you’re lucky enough to survive, the message “I just played Social Roulette and survived” will be published to your wall.

Created by Jonas Lund, Jonas Jongelan and NYU ITP adjunct professor Kyle McDonald, the game is the perfect solution for people who are just too afraid to pull the deactivate trigger themselves.

We’re admittedly too scared to play. What about all our pictures from senior prom??

(h/t Laughing Squid)

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