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Rumor Roundup: An Uber Blunder, Tickets to Dick Costolo’s Gun Show, and David Karp Is Having the Best Week Ever

The Gun Show This week, Twitter launched a shiny new client-friendly TV ad tracking product. But there was a guest of honor at the announcement, as AllThingsD scribe Peter Kafka noted: CEO Dick Costolo’s biceps. “Most important news at Twitter event today: @dickc has been working out. A lot,” Mr. Kafka observed. Wonder if Mr. Costolo and Sergey Brin frequent the same personal trainer?

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 3.38.23 PM

Music Class Are you excited for the new Daft Punk album? Well, we’ll tell you who’s really excited, and that’s Square CEO Jack Dorsey and VC Fred Wilson. “The new Daft Punk album is a knockout. Pure joy,” Mr. Dorsey said in a micro-review of the album on Twitter. Mr. Wilson responded: “yup. I’ve had it in heavy rotation all week. It was even on in the coffeeshop today.” Just an FYI in case, for some reason, you get stuck in a car with both of them sometime this summer.

Pleased as Punch Betabeat bumped into events maestro Gary Sharma last night at the Webutante Ball. He told us that, while making his Internet Week rounds, he’d recently found himself in an elevator with none other than newly rich-as-Croesus Tumblr founder David Karp. You’ll no doubt be delighted to hear that, according to Mr. Sharma, the spindly motorcyclist looked pretty damn cheerful.

He might want to enjoy the fun while it lasts, though. Business Insider reports that HuffPo cofounder Arianna Huffington had some dour words of wisdom for Mr. Karp at the Webby Awards: “Soak it all in, because then come the lawsuits.” Presumably she was referring to the legal action taken by her own site’s unpaid contributors. Honey, you don’t know the half of it–if you think the Huffington Post’s bloggers are pissy, you’ve never dealt with a fan-fiction-writing, Homestuck-loving, social-justice-advocating, dyed-in-the-wool Tumblr user.

Or maybe he was just really chipper because he had advance warning he’d inexplicably be appearing as one of Business Insider’s Sexiest Tech Execs Alive.

SMDH Important dispatch from the West Coast, courtesy of Eric Eldon: “late at night in silicon valley, grown men are sending stickers to each other.”

Scobleized OG (that’s Original Glasshole) Robert Scoble took a trip to NYC this week to visit his son, who’s studying to become a police officer at the John Jay school of criminal justice. As it turns out, the NYPD were more interested in trying on Mr. Scoble’s face computer than they were helping his son learn the tricks of the force. Writes Mr. Scoble on his Google Plus page:

So we’re here looking at his school, finding him housing, learning the streets, and all that. Last night these two cops called me over and said “is that Google Glass?”

I was afraid I might get arrested. But they loved it.

He then went on to describe why cops will love being able to record video while chasing suspects, which makes us think he’s never actually read anything about cops and recording devices.

Uber Blunder Betabeat received an email today from Uber SF stating that our Uber was en route. “That’s strange,” we thought, “We live in New York and didn’t order an Uber.” Turns out the whole thing was a mixup. In their excitement to dispatch an email about the price hikes during Memorial Day Weekend, Uber SF forgot to change the subject line of the email, and sent it out to customers with the subject “[Name], your Uber is en route.” Rest assured your account hasn’t been hacked; it was just a little PR mistake, according to a follow-up email:

Sorry about the confusion! No request has been made from your account. We were overly excited about our Memorial Day promotion, and should have put some more thought into that subject line. With this second email, we just want to clarify that everything is OK; a car will only be sent when you request it.

Phew. We can’t afford an Uber at its normal rate, let alone during surge pricing.

Ab Fab Bradford Shellhammer, the chief design officer of and curator of one of the most fabulous Instagram accounts ever, revealed more than a usual shirtless picture of himself this week. In the ‘gram, Mr. Shellhammer appears to be wearing a pair of well-fitting boxers featuring some of pop culture’s biggest flame-outs, like Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. It’s probably the tamest part of his Turks and Caicos haunt, judging by his other pictures. Anyway, where can we get a pair, Brad? You might know of a place.

Photo by youngbradford • Instagram

Lifestyles of the Rich and Lazy Together Tesla, Uber and Equinox have officially achieved douche bag singularity. Until today, members in Los Angeles and New York can get to the gym for free on Uber with the promo code, you guessed it, “EQUINOX.” Those who request a car might even be picked up in a Tesla Model S, so if you were looking for someone at whom you can direct your scorn, just look for one of those ugly cars.