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Remember Timbaland? Well, Now He’s an Angel Investor

But then at this point, who isn't?
Timbaland. (Photo: Twitter)

Timbaland. (Photo: Twitter)

Remember that period in the late 2000s when it became virtually impossible to escape producer and Justin Timberlake bestie Timbaland? Well now he’s trying something new: angel investing. VentureBeat reports that he’s invested in a music software startup called Open Labs, which makes it easier to lay down a track or two.

Maybe he ran out of patience with JT’s years-long hiatuses to work on his acting career. 

This isn’t Timbaland’s first investment: He recently tossed a few bucks to a social media startup called “Hang w/”. He said of the move: “I’ve seen the power of social media and how a simple tweet or Instagram pic can bring awareness to an album.” Sure, sounds like a solid business model.

Of course, he’s just the latest in a string of celebs trying to cash in on the tech boom. There’s Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher making investments; there’s and Alicia Keys with their corporate innovation gigs; there’s Nas with his “cofounder” title at 12Society. Oh, and we can’t forget DONDA, though it seems maybe Kanye has.

So toss another one onto your great, big pile of “yes, this is a bubble” examples.

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