Oh, Great, NBC is Now Promoting Its Crappy New Show on Vine

The show is going to get canceled anyway.
Looks great. (Photo:

Looks great. (Photo:

NBC, a public access channel for the city of Boise, really wants you to watch its new show called The BlacklistSo, they’re going where the kids are, posting what is one of the first-ever television show teaser trailers on Vine.

Does a platform based on creating six-second clips accurately portray an hour-long show full of explosions, dangerous traffic situations, and James Spader in a suit? No, because regardless of how little you see of this show’s trailer, it looks like everything else on TV that isn’t Veep: terrible. Still, NBC gets social media.

This is Hollywood’s latest from to harness whatever promotional power a six second video clip can offer. In March, 20th Century Fox released a teaser trailer for Hugh Jackman rom-com The Wolverine.

Perhaps in the future, all of NBC’s shows should just be six seconds long.

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