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NYC Unveils Sex Ed App to Help Teens Find Birth Control and STD Screenings

Perhaps more importantly, the city health commissioner does not own a smartphone.
(Photo: iTunes)

(Photo: iTunes)

New York City tweens who can’t stand the thought of having their gross gym teacher stand in the front of the classroom and explain to them that if they have sex they’ll get AIDS and die may breathe a sigh of relief: today the city health department announced the first-ever digital sex ed class packaged into a neat little smartphone app.

The New York Daily News reports that the app, called Teens in NYC Protection+, can help direct teens to city-approved clinics that can provide a variety of health services, including STD screenings and birth control counseling. The app also includes a host of educational resources that can help tweens sort through their complicated feelings about sex.

Of course, city Health Commissioner Thomas Farley actually had to borrow a friend’s phone to test out the app, which is available in the iTunes Store and Google Play. “(Like) most people my age, I don’t have a smart phone,” he said.


At least this app is way better than that creepy slut-shaming choose your own adventure one.

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