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NY Attorney General Asks Tech Companies to Solve Phone Theft For Him

Come on guys, do me a solid.
(Photo: Let's Unlock iPhone)

(Photo: Let’s Unlock iPhone)

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is worried about our state’s significant uptick in phone thefts, but that’s really more Tim Cook’s problem. Bloomberg reports that Mr. Schneiderman has penned a letter to tech giants like Google and Apple asking them why, if you guys are capable of making face computers and cars that drive themselves, can’t you make phones unstealable?

“I seek to understand why companies that can develop sophisticated handheld electronics, such as the products manufactured by Apple, cannot also create technology to render stolen devices inoperable and thereby eliminate the expanding black market on which they are sold,” Mr. Schneiderman wrote in an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In other words: we can put a man on the moon and I still have to deal with this shit?

Mr. Schneiderman also emphasized that it would be a shame if companies like Apple were profiting off of selling replacement devices when they could easily take steps to minimize phone theft.

Mr. Cook reportedly responded by shoving his hands into his pockets and innocently whistling while drifting away.

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