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Morgue Refrigerator Being Sold on eBay by New York State Is a Great Way to Chill Out

All sales are death.
She's a beaut. (Photo: eBay)

She’s a beaut. (Photo: eBay)

As summer approaches, the only sensible way to cool down is to grab a pack of Bud Light Lime, some friends, and lock each other up in a morgue refrigerator until September. Luckily we found a slightly used but affordable one for sale on eBay, and it’s being auctioned off by the New York state government.

Measuring in at a roomy 6 feet wide, 8 feet deep, and 6 feet high, it makes it prime real estate for some Summer morgue fridge parties. And it’s cheap, too! The starting bid is just $10 with zero bids yet. There are some other caveats, too: the seller (a.k.a New York’s Office of General Services) isn’t shipping it, PayPal is not an acceptable form of payment, and it’s available As-Is with no warranty, just like that Ikea couch.

This is just the chillest way to start off Summer. Good luck!

(H/T YNN’s @CapitalTonight)

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