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Microsoft Tramp Stamp Anyone? Indian Tech Employees Getting Company Logo Tattoos

BRB getting a Betabeat tattoo.
(Photo: Geeky Tattoos)

(Photo: Geeky Tattoos)

In the Valley, employees of major tech companies like Google and Facebook wear their building badges like a literal badge of honor. You don’t need to keep it attached to your belt while out on a Friday night, but it also doesn’t hurt your chances of landing a date. You should probably debadge when you bang though (just a thought).

According to The Telegraph, workers in Bangalore are taking their workplace pride a step further and getting the logo of their employer permanently tattooed to their bodies. Instead of succumbing to brand slavery, the workers are reportedly getting inked to celebrate landing jobs at high-profile tech companies. No word on how getting a hulking “Oracle” logo inked permanently to your chest affects your dating prospects.

“Its [sic] called Brand tattooing,” one tattoo artist told The Telegraph. “Mostly people from IT companies like IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Oracle have got their company logos tattooed on their bodies.”

Anybody want to get a Betabeat tattoo? It won’t hurt a bit.

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