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Michael Arrington Files Suit Against Jenn Allen, Alleging Defamation

"As a proximate result of the statements alleged above, plaintiff has suffered loss of his reputation, shame, mortification, and hurt feelings, all to his general damage."
(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

After a fraught public spat that included rape and abuse allegations and captured tech watchers on both coasts, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has filed a law suit against his former girlfriend, Jenn Allen, for attempting to “smear plaintiff’s name on the internet, to destroy his reputation, and to deter third persons from associating with him,” according to a lawsuit uncovered by Valleywag.

In the suit, Mr. Arrington alleges that he has “suffered loss of his reputation, shame, mortification, and hurt feelings, all to his general damage,” and that Ms. Allen’s comments were made with “malice.” The suit also asks for a trial by jury in order to settle the claims.

The suit comes almost a month after Mr. Arrington posted a legal letter to his site demanding Ms. Allen retract the claims.

You can read the full suit here.

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