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Meet Snapchat Leaked: A Website That Exposes Your Screenshotted Snaps

We're deleting Snapchat.

Loving it. (Photo: Snapchatleaked.com)

UPDATE: The Real Story Behind Snapchat Leaked, the Site Publishing Screenshots of Your Embarrassing Snaps

In case the hack of recovering supposedly deleted photos wasn’t enough to scare you away from Snapchat, then we found something even more terrifying. It’s called Snapchat Leaked (NSFW) and it confirms all of your horrifying nightmares about whatever naughty things you send on the app becoming public.

Mostly popular in Britain, Snapchat Leaked is a worrisome blog brimming with user-submitted screenshots alternating between the naughty (like butts, tits, etc.), the cheeky and whatever the hell this is. But worry not, topless snappers: the site doesn’t fully expose all of the pictures submitted by rabblerousers, as some of the boob pics have a strategically placed Snapchat logo over the nipples. The blog doesn’t reveal the user’s Snapchat ID either.

UK tabloid Metro noted that the recently launched website had its Facebook page pulled mere hours after it was created because of fears it could lead to cyberbullying. “Facebook has unpublished our page due to users using the page to ‘bully’ others. We are working with Facebook on this issue,” Snapchat Leaked’s creators told the paper. Its Twitter presence remains active, though.

The site claims to “show the snaps that don’t want to be seen,” which calls to mind revenge porn and snowballs from there. Other critics charge the public doxxing could go beyond embarrassment and cause lawsuits.

But it’s a concern that the unknown creators appear not to be bothered by:

“All images are user submitted, if the person asks to take them down we do. Most see it as fun and getting “Facebook famous,” they told Metro.

We have reached out to Snapchat Leaked as well as Snapchat for comment, but have not yet heard back. Meanwhile, Snapchat Leaked’s website appears to be getting hit with a ton of traffic, causing it to load intermittently.

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