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Meet Luna Loupe, Author of Some of the Most Bizarre Erotica Amazon Has to Offer

"With rough almost-hands the minotaur gripped her delicate curved hips."
(Photo: Amazon)

(Photo: Amazon)

Luna Loupe is a prolific writer. According to Amazon, the self-described “erotica author, geek and generally classy lady” has written 25 anthologies of completely bizarre, out-there paranormal sex novels.

Though she hasn’t updated her blog or tweeted since 2012, Laughing Squid picked up one of her stranger works out of the blue today. Called Someone to Cuttle, the erotic story revolves around a gay man who discovers and eventually has a sexual relationship with a trio of shapeshifting cuttlefish. “18+ only!” reads the warning. “Contains partial shifting, hot gay sex, and a cuttlefish shifter gangbang!”

Ms. Loupe’s other works are no less thrilling. There’s Milked by the Aliens, a lactaction fetish novel where a woman is abducted and, yes, milked by aliens; Out on a Limb, in which a cat shapeshifter who gets stuck up a tree has to be rescued by a firefighter with a cat fetish; and Taking Her Herd, a story about a woman who has sex with a pack of shapeshifting wild horses.

Little information about Ms. Loupe is available on the web, and she almost certainly operates under a pseudonym. According to Amazon she lives with her three cats and a dog, and began writing erotica when her friend dared her to write out her deepest fantasy and she found she enjoyed the experience. She has a blog, where she publishes excerpts of her work, and a Twitter account that hasn’t been touched since April 2012.

Though Ms. Loupe has been disappointingly mum on the web since December 2012, she assured readers in an October 2012 Google Plus post that she’s “not dead – just busy!” What could possibly come after The Minotaur’s Virgin Bride?

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