Hipster Rage

Vespa-Riding, Williamsburg-Residing Tumblr CEO Does Not Appreciate Being Called a Hipster

You stay in Brooklyn.
Hipstblr (Photo: wikipedia.org)

Hipstblr (Photo: wikipedia.org)

Call David Karp anything you want–high school dropout, sidecar sideshow–but the one label he won’t stand for is “hipster.” Unknowingly emulating the first rule of hipstersdom by automatically lashing back at the title, the 26-year-old Ludlow suit-wearingVespa-riding, Williamsburg-dwelling, brunch-loving chillwave Tumblr CEO was annoyed when ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos dared to call him that yesterday.

“I don’t know about that,” bristled Mr. Karp after being dubbed as the “original hipster CEO,” adding that he’s unsure if he “really appreciates that one.” (Doesn’t sound like he does.)

The New York Post adds:

Square Stephanopoulos asked, “That doesn’t work for you?” Karp, a Bronx HS of Science dropout, rolled his eyes, shrugged and replied, “I prefer not.”

He would be the mopiest brunch date ever.

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