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Girl Dresses Her Calculator in a Cute Lil’ Tux and Takes It to Prom

Get it gurl.
(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

What do you do when the prom is swiftly approaching and no one has asked you yet? You could subtweet adults or lock yourself in your room with Coheed and Cambria on repeat, or you could choose to go all Beyonce on their asses. One enterprising Tumblr user decided to own her singleness, and instead of taking a cootie-covered boy to the school prom, she opted for a futuristic approach: taking her TI-84 calculator as her date.

When Tumblr user “Ishipitlikeups” posted “Nobody asked me to prom, so I took my calculator,” users urged her to share pics to prove herself. So she uploaded a series of photos of her clutching her beloved TI-84 Plus (Silver Edition!) dressed in a cute lil’ tux. “His name is T.I.,” she wrote. “He brought me flowers.”

As long as you can type “8===D” on it, we’re pretty sure a calculator is a better boyfriend than a high school dude anyway.

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