Closing Time

Every ’90s Tween’s Favorite Angst Outlet Xanga Will Shut Down Unless You Pony Up $60K

Who's starting the Indiegogo campaign?
(Photo: Flickr)

(Photo: Flickr)

Xanga, one of the original online diary hubs for tweens too cool for Livejournal but not so cool that they didn’t know to eschew blogging altogether, may soon shut down. Who wants to drive around in mom’s station wagon cranking Saves the Day in protest?

In a post published to the Xanga team’s Xanga (lol), cofounder John Hiler writes that the 14-year-old blogging platform is quickly running out of funds, and needs to raise $60,000 from its scant community to afford the cost of its network facility’s lease. If they don’t raise the money in time, they will have to “offer everyone a free download of their blog posts, and shut down the site. :(”

Option number two, however, is that the Xanga community (or what’s left of it) raises $60,000 to “port” Xanga over to an open source community like WordPress so that they can “reinvent the site together with the community.”

This is to say, goodbye forever, Xanga. I’ll never forget the time you got me grounded.

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