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Jane Fonda Has a Great Idea: Cameron Diaz and Elon Musk, 2gether 4ever

Guess you could say Ms. Diaz is...ready for love.
Mrs. Musk. (Photo: Flickr)

Mrs. Musk. (Photo: Flickr)

Little did you know, but probable Hotmail user Jane Fonda is actually a famous Hollywood matchmaker. Yes, the Patti Stanger for the one percent is setting up coltish blonde actress Cameron Diaz on a date because the forgotten ’90s icon wants a millionaire boyfriend–something Mrs. Fonda knows a thing or two about.

Our last bastion for serious journalism, National Enquirer, is reporting that Ms. Diaz is “sick and tired of being the single party girl” (not sure what parties she goes to if she’s rarely in any movies, but OK!), so she wants to do what every 40-year-old does at that age and find someone good enough to be Mr. Right and not Mr. Right Now. So, she asked apparent BFF Ms. Fonda to set her up on a date, who suggested that she “read up on politics and be more of an activist” to attract someone. Literally, anyone.

Ms. Fonda’s suggestion? Original “car czar” Elon Musk. The billionaire Tesla cofounder meets Ms. Diaz’s requirement only requirement: being rich. The two have a “flirty” relationship, and he reportedly passed a note to her in homeroom saying she’s pretty:

“Elon thinks Cameron is gorgeous,” revealed a source. “He personally sold her a Tesla earlier this year and they were flirting up a storm the whole time.”

She was probably flirting down to a better price.

(H/T Jane Fonda flack @jorcohen)

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