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Cameron Diaz and Elon Musk Are Still Dating, So She Probably Wants His Babies

They're still dating.
She has this going on for her. (Photo: Flickr)

She has this going on for her. (Photo: Flickr)

As the temperatures heat up, so does the relationship between actress/aspiring flip-phone model Cameron Diaz and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk! Page Six reports that Jane Fonda’s pet project is getting increasingly hot and heavy. Supposedly, the 41-year-old billionaire regularly leaves the company’s Palo Alto office without telling anyone because he’s “visiting Cameron.”

Sounds very official, you guys!

Sources close to the perennially single Diaz (her microwave?) whispered that she’s a “big fan” of Musk and has hinted to her friends that she wants babies. What’s more, on a France-bound flight, she was one of those passengers we all dread sitting by who overshare their life, order the tomato juice cocktail, and ask to borrow your US Weekly. According to an “onlooker” she gushed to fellow passenger Nicole Kidman (sure!) that she’s crazy for a baby and cooed over Uma Thurman’s kid.

That’s about it here, but Page Six did let it slip that Mr. Musk is the inspiration behind Tony Stark, the “genius billionaire” in Iron Man.

This is all some diabolical plan of his to make Ms. Diaz a TechCrunch contributor, isn’t it?

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