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Beloved Meme ‘Ikea Monkey’ Embroiled in Nasty Custody Battle

Perhaps that's why he looks so forlorn.
(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram)

Darwin the Japanese macaque, better known as “Ikea Monkey,” is caught in the middle of a vicious custody battle, according to The Telegraph. Darwin rose to fame when a Twitter user tweeted a picture of him wearing a fancy shearling coat and a diaper in a Toronto Ikea parking lot. He even reached Peak Meme status when he was parodied by every lady’s favorite porn star, James Deen.

Now his owner, Yasmin Nakhuda, has been forced to battle law enforcement in Toronto who want to take her beloved monkey away from her, as it’s illegal in the Canadian metropolis to keep monkeys as pets.

Next up: the Ikea Monkey movie, because everything is awful.

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