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Ashton Kutcher Says He Hates Using Twitter Ever Since the Media ‘Fucked it Up’

"I think retweeting hurt Twitter the most," Kutcher said.
Hates Twitter.

Hates Twitter.

Ashton Kutcher is totally over Twitter because we all fucking ruined it. The apparent barometer of what’s “cool” told the CTIA Conference on Thursday that his experience on the site changed for the worst since joining and that we have no one but ourselves to blame for it.

Mr. Kutcher said that the media’s oversharers wrecked the once-personal experience of publicly broadcasting your every thought to everyone with an internet connection. He added that when he first joined Twitter, it was hip and represented the democratization of media, but now that it’s gone lamestream, he’s OVER IT.

CNBC writes:

“I think media companies came in and just pounced on it and I think that the signal-to- noise ratio kind of stinks—people selling [expletive] that I don’t want,” he said. “Companies and people just pitching crap.”

Mr. Kutcher said the new features Twitter added, like the retweet button, “created a ton of noise in the system” that mitigated the platform’s usefulness. He still likes using it as an RSS feed, though, moreso than Flipboard, in which he is of course an investor in.

Can someone get this man an invite to Medium and leave him there?

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