There’s an App That Lets You Strip Down and Dress Up Drake

This is what the future F.I.T. applications will look like.
You can do this. (Photo: Vice)

You can do this. (Photo: Vice)

If one of your deepest desires is to strip Drake’s Crossfit-sculpted body naked, only to reapply this season’s YOLOiest gear, then your wish has now come true. There’s a free iPhone app called “Dress Up! Drake Edition,” where you can treat Drake like a virtual paper doll. No thinking is needed, just a fashionable eye for knowing which shiny chain matches his hot lil’ face.

The app’s VERY CLEVER description explains it well:

If you like dress up games, this one is the BEST I EVER HAD! Dress Drake up in FANCY outfits when he’s out making HEADLINES! With head turning outfits, Drake will never have anyone “MISS ME” any more! You’ll never be bored – with hundreds of items to mix and match, try different looks to FIND YOUR LOVE and keep making outfits FOREVER!

It’s a full-bodied experience, too. You can change the background, Drake’s chains, swaggy sweaters, t-shirts, and slim-fit pants to make him go from strip club to concert in a matter of seconds.

Now when will there be an app where Drake murders your vagina? Asking for a friend.

(H/T Lindsey Weber)

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