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Study Finds Xbox Players Are Actually Pretty Okay at Sex Stuff

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(Photo: VG Memes)

(Photo: VG Memes)

If your significant other isn’t keen on the idea of you purchasing another gaming console, just tell him or her that owning an Xbox will actually help you hone your sexual prowess.

Metro reports that a study conducted by the website VoucherCodesPro polled the partners of 1,747 gamers about which consoles they used, then asked how they’d rate their gaming S.O. in the bedroom. As it turns out, most people classified their partners as “good” or “average,” as opposed to the much-preferred “excellent.” Guess gaming doesn’t make your fingers as dexterous as you thought?

Writes Metro:

The results saw just 11 per cent respond ‘excellent’, while most  – 27 per cent said their partner was ‘good’, 26 per cent said their partner was ‘average’ and a disappointing 20 per cent branded their partner’s bedroom skills as ‘below average’.

When VoucherCodesPro broke the data down, they discovered that 54 percent of Xbox users were described as “good” or above in bed, with 22 percent winning the “excellent” crown.

Meanwhile, PC gamers ranked the worst in bed. But what if you’re an irresistible stud in World of Warcraft?

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