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When You Call the Yankees Box Office, You Get a Phone Sex Hotline

Hey there, sluggers.
Phone sex! (Photo: Sodahead)

Phone sex! (Photo: Sodahead)

If you want to purchase tickets for the Yankees this season, we don’t recommend Googling around for the box office number. The Daily Dot reports that when you Google “Yankees box office phone number,” the first result directs you to an old page on the Yankees website.

There’s contact information for the box office listed at the bottom, but when you call the phone number listed, you get the sultry voice of a woman welcoming you to a sex chat line.

Batter up!

We dialed the number and it rang once before a recording of a woman’s voice answered. “Welcome to America’s hottest talk line. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 1 now. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press 2 to connect free now.”

We pressed number one, but threw in the proverbial phone sex towel when we were prompted to record a greeting.

The actual box office phone number can be found on the Yankees’ season tickets page, so we called them to ask why the box office phone number might be sending fans to a phone sex hotline instead. A recording of pitcher CC Sabathia answered, but his voice was nowhere near as sexy as the woman from America’s hottest talk line.

The box office official who answered after the recording said it was the first he’d heard of the phone sex snafu. Sadly, he had no comment, and hung up on us before we could say goodbye.

We reached out to Yankees spokesperson Alice McGillion, who said that the number is no longer associated with the Yankees and hasn’t been used since the beginning of 2009, when the team relocated to a new stadium.

“It’s not a Yankee number,” Ms. McGillion said.

Additional reporting contributed by Matthew Kassel.

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