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We Found Your First Big Bitcoin Purchase: A Mercedes Convertible (Minus One Door)

Hey, it's a more worthwhile purchase than Reddit Gold.
"Super clean interior." (Photo: Craigslist)

“Super clean interior.” (Photo: Craigslist)

If those Bitcoins are burning a hole in your electronic wallet, it might be time to cash out. So, we found something that’s totally worth it: a used, slightly damaged, red Mercedes Benz convertible for sale on Craigslist that’s accepting Bitcoin as payment.

And with the record values Bitcoins are trading at, what a deal she is!  Despite the fact that the 2002 CLK430 is missing a large chunk on its left side (it has a “super clean interior,” though) it could be yours for just $3,500. Convert that to Bitcoin’s current value of $215 per coin, and this fixer-upper rings in at just 16 BTC.

We called up Danny, a car salesman in Coney Island, to see what possessed him to accept Bitcoins. “It’s booming!” he exclaimed to Betabeat on the phone this morning. Not an active trader or buyer of Bitcoins, Danny said he learned about the digital currency trend by reading about it and figured why not.

“It’s worth the same as money, so who cares?,” he said, adding that this is the first time he’s offered something for sale using Bitcoins. When we told him about the great Bitcoin Bubble of 2013, he bristled and said it didn’t concern him.

Since the posting only went up last night, he said he hasn’t heard from anyone yet. Give it time, Danny: it’s a sellers market.

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