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Hey Wall Street: Now You Can Get Twitter on Your Bloomberg Terminal

So the markets have come to THIS.
Hey, they never promised you a rose garden. (Photo: Jared Keller, Twitter)

Hey, they never promised you a rose garden, design-wise. (Photo: Jared Keller, Twitter)

Guess the guys on Wall Street were feeling a little left out: Earlier this week, the S.E.C. signed off on official company announcements via social media (as long as shareholders are warned in advance where to look). And now, Bloomberg L.P. has announced that it will integrate tweets into the stream of information pulsing through the terminals that grace desks all over the financial industry.

Like everything else on the Bloomberg terminals, the tweets look butt-ugly.

Don’t get too excited, though: The service will be pulling in updates from “corporations, executives, government officials, economists, commentators, media outlets and other voices that can influence the financial markets.” So you probably can’t use it to monitor Amanda Bynes’s antics. (That’s what your smartphone is for, obviously.)

Jean-Paul Zammitt, head of sales and product development for the Bloomberg Professional service, said in an announcement:

“When important news is shared on Twitter, traders and investors need to be able to access it, and validate its importance in order to incorporate that information into their decision making process.”

Just remember: In times of panic, it’s best to assume everything on social media is a damn lie.

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