Twitter Links Appear to Be Down (So You Probably Can’t Click This) UPDATE: We’re Back

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

Links on Twitter are currently broken.

When you click a link on Twitter, it takes you to a page that says “Something is technically wrong.” It may have to do with Twitter’s link shortener,, which all links posted to the site are forwarded through. Photos uploaded to the service with the link are still working. We’ve reached out to Twitter and will update when we know more.

Meanwhile, enjoy the panic:

Update 10:09 a.m.: Links are back! Still waiting for more info from Twitter.U

Update 10:48 a.m.: Twitter issued a brief explanation on its status blog:

Some users may have experienced an issue with links contained within Tweets. This issue has been resolved as of 7:10 am PST.

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