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Tumblr Actually Let Storyboard’s EIC Ghostwrite That Terrible Memo

Did Mr. Karp not have time to write it on the flight to LA?
Mr. Mohney. (Photo: Twitter)

Mr. Mohney. (Photo: Twitter)

Remember that poignant note from Tumblr founder David Karp about the elimination of its in-house editorial department Storyboard? You know, the memo in which Mr. Karp supposedly said he “couldn’t be happier” with the team, listed their accomplishments, and, instead of giving them a raise, fired them.

As Valleywag reveals, it turns out that Mr. Karp had Storyboard’s then Editor-in-Chief Chris Mohney write the memo about his own firing. Being the wordsmith that he is, Mr. Mohney masterfully and subtly made Tumblr look like the clueless company that it was without Mr. Karp batting an eye. Mr. Mohney asked the higher-ups if he could pen a goodbye note prior to the announcement, and instead was offered something so much better: the opportunity to write Mr. Karp’s farewell note. He told Valleywag:

They asked me to draft the copy, and I was happy to oblige. Since we weren’t told any more about the rationale for the shuttering than has been publicly acknowledged  that’s how I wrote it. David made some very light edits and posted, and it was received about as well as might be expected.

Valleywag calls the letter the “most poetic exit fuck-you in Internet history.” We’re sure Mr. Mohney agrees.

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