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Today’s Tweens Demand Double Beds So They Can Snuggle With Their Laptops

Laptops as BFF.
(Photo: Deep Roots at Home)

(Photo: Deep Roots at Home)

Trading in your twin bed for a sleepover-friendly double bed in a childhood rite of passage–one that allows you to stretch out among your pile of big girl CDs, magazines and clothes.

But tweens today may not ever know this meaningful transition, because sales for twin beds are dropping. Instead, kids are demanding double size beds early on so that they can comfortably sprawl out in bed next to their computers.

The Daily Mail reports that single bed sales have fallen by 9 percent as more and more kids are opting for double beds to accomodate their laptop and tablet obsessions.

“As a child, the bedroom was a place for me to sleep, but I think for today’s children, the meaning of a bedroom has changed,” one researcher told the Mail. “It is where they sleep, but it is also where they interact on their laptops and iPhones and iPads.”

Next up: tweens demanding their parents literally spoonfeed them so they don’t have to look away from the laptop during dinner time.

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