The Hottest New Etsy Trend Is Jewelry Made From Breastmilk

And you thought placenta trees were gross.
(Photo: Mom.Milk.Baby, Etsy)

(Photo: Mom.Milk.Baby, Etsy)

Though Etsy sellers may no longer peddle drugs or sell racist dolls without provoking a petition, they’re continuing on with heads held high in the adorkable tradition of selling mildly creepy DIY products. A new trend gaining popularity, according to the Daily Mail, is refashioning breast milk into jewelry, because of course.

Allicia, the proprietor of Mommy Milk Creations, has actually been selling pendants made of breast milk since 2007, and claims to have developed a special technique that will keep your pendant from turning yellow or spotty. All you have to do is send her a ziplock bag full of your breast milk and she will put it through a five-step process that will turn your milk into “beads,” which she then embeds in jewelry.

Other sellers have also taken to memorializing breast milk in totally not weird ways, including Etsy stores Hollyday Designs and Milk.Mom.Baby, which offers an at-home breastmilk preservation kit.

Mothers: finding new ways to embarrass their offspring since the dawn of time.

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