Mo Money Mo Problems

The Average Venture-Backed Startup CEO Makes Approximately One Bajillion Dollars More Than You

"Expansion-stage" startup CEOs make all the $$$.


Looks like CEOs of venture-backed startups–particularly those in the B2B arena–really know how to lean in. Nick Tomaino, an associate at North American Capital, published a post today exploring the average salaries for the executive teams at NAC’s portfolio companies. (It promptly hit the front page of Hacker News.) As it turns out, leaders at “expansion stage” venture-backed startups–or at least those backed by NAC–are sitting pretty atop a mile-high mountain of dough.

According to Mr. Tomaino, the average salaries are:

AVG CEO – $260,833

AVG President/COO/CRO – $223,333

AVG CFO – $196,071

AVG CTO – $185,429

VP of Sales – $175,833

Keep in mind this doesn’t include equity in the company, which, depending on how successful your business is, could end up being worth a lot more than your salary.

Though this data only speaks to expansion stage startups, Mr. Tomaino hopes to kick off a trend. He published these figures not to make you seethe with jealousy, but in the hopes that starting a conversation about startup salaries can help companies be more transparent about compensation:

Why does salary information have to be private? I don’t think it does, and I am convinced that it should and will become more transparent in the coming years. Salary should be a measure of how much value one is adding to a company, and that information should not be a secret.

Causing jealousy to consume you from the inside out was just the cherry on top.

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