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Sophia Bush Is Dating a Really Hot Google Brogrammer

Sergey Brin's arms are no longer the hottest thing at Google.
Framing this. (Photo: Tumblr)

Framing this. (Photo: Tumblr)

One Tree Hill starlet Sophia Bush is scroogling hot Google employee Dan Fredinburg, reports important magazine US WeeklyThe pair have been dating for a few months, and if we are to believe a person with the job title “Bush confidant,” things are getting serious! The source whispered to the glossy that the romance works because they feel feelings and “they’re both so passionate about the world.”

And Mr. Fredinburg knows a thing or two about the world, I guess. As a six-year Google employee, he’s taken pictures of mountains for Google Maps, worked on the site’s privacy strategy and YouTube. The “Bush confidant” says Ms. Bush thinks he’s “super intelligent” because he’s super good at maps and confirmed that “she really likes him.” Feelings!

They were recently spotted canoodling at Coachella, a really terrible TED Talk for Forever 21 shoppers. Mr. Fredinburg’s Twitter account confirmed his presence there; he called a bash thrown by H&M “rad.” His seldom-used Instagram account also shows a picture with Ms. Bush at a wedding in March.

And speaking of weddings, the “Bush confidant” said the probable Pinterest user has mentioned that she wants to marry him and giggled that they wouldn’t “be surprised if she gets engaged!”


(H/T Sophia Bush enthusiast @jorcohen)

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