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Snoop Lion Now Has an App, But It’s Instagram He Really Loves

"I don't do the Worldstar thing, I don't do none of that."
A card from the Reincarnated Track Notes app.

A card from the Reincarnated Track Notes app.

“I’m still Snoop Dogg. Snoop Lion is an extension of Snoop Dogg. He’s the fine-tuned Snoop Dogg, the perfection of Snoop Dogg in so many words.”

The fine-tuned version of Snoop Dogg showed up an hour late to last night’s panel at the Soho Apple Store. Given that he’s Snoop, though, that’s basically the same as being on time. When he finally strolled onstage, he was wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, despite the warm spring weather. Also, sunglasses. At 9 p.m., inside the Apple Store.

He wore them the whole time. 

Snoop was there for a brief chat about Reincarnated, the forthcoming documentary about his trip to Jamaica, where he recorded an album of the same name, delved deeper into Rastafarianism and picked up the Lion bit. “I don’t believe you choose the spirit. I believe it chooses you,” he explained of his mid-life embrace of a message of peace and love.

But because this is 2013, the project is accompanied by a “Track Notes” app, created by the L.A.-based Cashmere Agency, using software from a local startup called Citia. And so we were treated to the sight of a gangsta rap legend pitching us on his app.

“You get a personal experience of the birth and the creation of the song, where it came from,” he said. “A lot of times, when we buy music, we just download it so fast that we never get the story of the birth of the song.”

“I go back to the 70s when I first was able to buy records, and the records would always have great album packaging,” he added. “I just wanted this to be more up close and personal with a throwback feel to it.”

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that Snoop’s online 24/7.

“I like finding things that are completely different, so it’s kinda hard to say that my day is based on looking through the Internet or flipping through YouTube, cause I’m different. I don’t do the Worldstar thing, I don’t do none of that.” He added, “I’d rather make news than look at news.”

“And you’re on Twitter. You do the Twitter thing,” interjected the moderator.

“Sometimes,” Snoop replied. “I do the Instagram thing all the time.”

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