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Super-Rich Ryan Seacrest and the Super-Rich Founder of Instagram Are Totally BFFs

Ryan Seacrest, VC to the Stars.
Stop it. (Photo: Instagram)

Stop it. (Photo: Instagram)

Talking Orbit gum stick Ryan Seacrest announced today that he’s producing a new program for Aol, but sadly (luckily?) it doesn’t include any of the Kardashians. Rather, it’s a 10-episode series with appearances from relationship coach Gwyneth Paltrow. The Web-only deal is his production company’s first foray into creating digital programming.

Variety called the deal an “organic evolution” for Mr. Seacrest since his Internet prowess has racked him up millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Combined with his popularity, a presumably high Klout score and his connections with Valley big-wigs (like Twitter CEO Dick Costolo), he’s become their go-to guy for communicating with middle America.

He even dines with techfluencers on the regular!

“I just had dinner with (Instagram founder) Kevin Systrom at my house the other night,” said Mr. Seacrest, taking a break during an “American Idol” rehearsal. “I get to know what Instagram is doing, but it’s not like that’s my agenda.”

No, your agenda is infecting the world with another Kardashian spin-off. KNOW YOUR PLACE.

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