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‘Romance Pants’ Dim the Lights and Turn Up the Stereo When Unzipped

Bow chicka bow wow.
(Photo: Instructables)

(Photo: Instructables)

If you don’t have a tricked-out bachelor(ette) pad that reveals a water bed and mood lighting at the flip of a switch, perhaps the “Romance Pants” can interest you. Built by the team at Instructables, the pants are rigged with conductive thread and resisters that allow the zipper to interact with objects around the room.

When the pants are unzipped, sensors send signals that tell the lights to dim and the stereo to increase its volume. When you unbutton them, candles loaded with nichrome wires and shaved match tips are activated, causing them to spark and light up.

The result is a candle-lit room that bumps your sex mix. How could your makeout partner not swoon?

(h/t BitRebels)

Romance Pants – Red Bull Creation 2012 Entry by Team Instructables from Audrey Love on Vimeo.

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