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Reddit Announces ‘The Munchies,’ a 4/20 Awards Event Hosted by Snoop Dogg

Whoaaaaaa dudes.
(Photo: Flappity)

(Photo: Flappity)

Reddit’s primary stoner subreddit, r/trees, boasts close to 450,000 subscribers and an untold number of high lurkers. Apparently, even Snoop Dogg (sorry, Snoop Lion) is a fan: the legendary rapper has signed on to help Reddit with its first official “feel good awards event,” appropriately dubbed The Munchies.

According to a post published to r/trees by Reddit general manager Erik Martin, “the online world needs an annual feel good event for 4/20 and /r/trees is just the place to host the party.” Because when we think about what the Internet really needs, the first thought that comes to mind is definitely a weed-themed awards event.

Because stoners refuse to be burdened by THE MAN, there are no limits to how The Munchies will operate: users will submit category ideas and nominations in The Munchies thread, on which they will then vote. On 4/20, Snoop will announce the winners by video.

Redditors are already chiming in with their highdeas: “I vote Lion King for Movie of the Year.” Cool.

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