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A Mere 9 Percent of Americans Would Actually Bang a Robot

Our puritanical roots still run strong.
(Photo: Dragon Painting)

(Photo: Dragon Painting)

The Huffington Post and YouGov collaborated on a very important poll of 1,000 U.S. adults meant to measure the attitudes of Americans towards robots. The results are pretty typical, except for one thing: turns out Americans aren’t really that into doing robots (or they’re lying).

Come on guys, live a little.

HuffPo writes:

58 percent of Americans said that robots will be cleaning our homes by 2030. But only 33 percent said that they’d like a robot servant…. (22 percent) said that they would let a robot care for an aging friend or relative….Forty-eight percent of respondents indicated that they believed robots will be able to fight in the military by 2030.

But when it comes to intimacy, Lieutenant Data and his ilk might be better off bonding with fellow non-humans (or animals). According to the poll, only 9 percent of Americans said they would “have sex with a robot if they could.”

Guess you guys won’t be having longevity orgasms anytime soon.

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