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Marc Andreessen Helps Us Understand Why Silicon Valley Investors Flock to ‘Cougar Night’ at the Rosewood

"Cougars vs. Hookers:" the next great Bravo reality show?
(Photo: Charlie Rose)

(Photo: Charlie Rose)

The Rosewood Hotel on Sand Hill Road, conveniently nestled near almost every important VC firm in the Valley, has long been a hotspot for wealthy VCs to meet potential mates. This is due in part to love concierge Amy Andersen, founder of the super stealth matchmaking company Linx Dating. She helped cultivate an unofficial “Cougar Night” at the hotel after setting up a meet-and-greet there for her wealthy clients in 2009.

Ms. Andersen helps geeky Valley guys clean up their act (Get a spray tan! Whiten your teeth!) and switch out the sandals-with-socks look with the hopes that they’ll find the “Einstein-meets-Heidi Klum” of their dreams.

“A lot have been incredibly successful because of their analytical minds,” Ms. Andersen told Vanity Fair, “but women don’t want to be out with a cyborg.” Speak for yourself, lady.

We’re not really sure how Thursday nights at the Rosewood went from powerful VCs getting drinks to a “Cougar Night” so infamous even Starbucks baristas know to try their luck there, but luckily storied venture capitalist Marc Andreessen took to Quora to help explain it.

In response to the Quora question, “Why does the Rosewood Sand Hill attract its lively late-night bar crowd?” Mr. Andreessen wrote:

My theory is that the Rosewood bar is wired with video cameras and is actually a long-form reality TV show titled “Cougars vs Hookers”.  Could be wrong though.

Someone get Andy Cohen on the phone so we can clear this one up ASAP.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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