Kingpin’s Online Bragging About Strippers and Parties Leads to Cocaine Delivery Service Bust

Your "Seamless, but for cocaine" idea isn't that original.
Not smart. (Photo: Hashgram)

Not smart. (Photo: Hashgram)

There are limits on how much your social media presence should reflect your personal brand. For starters: It’s probably best not to brag about your highly illegal drug-dealing activities. On Friday, the NYPD announced it had arrested 41 alleged gang members after one of their higher ranking kingpins, Adrian Rivera, boasted online about his expansive door-to-door cocaine-dealing service.

Police began their investigation two years ago, when undercover officers began purchasing cocaine from Rivera. The only identifying information they had was his nickname, “Ace.” So, the force began trawling the Internet for his Facebook and Instagram accounts, where they discovered pictures of him living the high life of partying with strippers and flashing gang symbols.

That trove of information led to his identity and the revelation that he was part of a sprawling cocaine delivery business that has sold more than $1 million worth of blow since the probe began. Police said the operation was controlled by three gangs: Money Boyz, Blocc Boyz, and the Stack Gang, operating out of three housing complexes in the Lower East Side. Detectives also confiscated heroin, large quantities of cash, a Mercedes Benz sedan, Rolex watches, heroine, and meth.

The New York Daily News said the gang’s network involved a dozen livery cab drivers who delivered the blow—usually priced at $80 a gram—to a diverse clientele ranging from investment bankers to college students.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. noted in the indictment that there’s nothing you can’t get delivered in this city:

“As this indictment reveals, residents of Manhattan today can get nearly everything delivered to their doorstep — from dinner to dry cleaning, and even cocaine,” he said.

We’re just getting lazy at this point.

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