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Internet Commenters Help NYPD Track Down Brooklyn Subway Mugger

Commenters aren't all bad!
(Screencap: YouTube)

(Screencap: YouTube)

Yesterday a video of a 56-year-old woman being brutally mugged in the F train station in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood went viral. The video shows a woman descending the stairs into the station before she is pushed up against a door and hit and kicked. The assailant then empties her purse, grabs some items and chases after her through the station. Though the crime occurred on March 9th, the NYPD released the video with the hopes that viewers would be able to help them ID the perp.

Internet sleuths immediately hopped on the case. Commenters at Daily Intel and Gawker used the police’s description–a 20-something, 150 pound man in a hoodie with “‘Alpha Phi Delta,’ on the front and ‘Stugotz’ with the number 27 on the back”–to track down the man’s Facebook page. His publicly available photos showed that his fraternity pledge name appeared to be “Stugotz” and that he wore a purple bracelet similar to the one seen in the video. Soon, commenters took to his Facebook page to accuse him of the crime.

Now, Gawker reports that the man commenters had identified, 21-year-oldĀ Aidan Folan, has been arrested and charged with robbery and assault. Score one for Kinja?

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