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House Passes Resolution to Bring CISPA to the Floor, Jumpstarting Cyber Privacy Debate All Over Again

Time to learn some more cyber-security acronyms.
cispa passes house House Passes Resolution to Bring CISPA to the Floor, Jumpstarting Cyber Privacy Debate All Over Again


Amid the media’s Boston Marathon suspect screwup, the D.C. ricin scares, and the Senate’s rejection of gun background checks, one bit of news quietly slipped through: the House of Representatives passed a resolution that will bring CISPA, the cyber security bill that tackles the government’s ability to monitor personal information users give to website, to the floor. The resolution passed 227-193, a year after SOPA, another cyber-security bill, was shot down after an enormous amount of backlash from tech companies and Internet freedom advocates. This time though, that support has largely vanished, with companies such as IBM, Intel, and Oracle backing CISPA. President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the bill if it reaches his desk, according to a statement from the White House:

“The Administration, however, remains concerned that the bill does not require private entities to take reasonable steps to remove irrelevant personal information when sending cybersecurity data to the government or other private sector entities.”

Internet users are primarily in a tizzy over a component of CISPA that would give the U.S. government the ability to ask private companies’ for the personal user data of ordinary U.S. residents when identifying “threat information,” without requiring a court-ordered warrant.

The passage of the resolution had reddit users engraged, with many of the top posts wondering why public support seems so low this time around. “Why didn’t this blow up as much as SOPA did?” reddit user seetons asked. “Honestly, it’s impossible to get the entire internet to rally around this for 2 years. Money will eventually win, no matter how hard I try,” replied user MarcusTheGreat7.

Too bad Alexis Ohanian is busy trying to buy Jay-Z’s Nets share.

Correction: A previous version of this post said that CISPA had been passed, when in fact a resolution to bring it to the floor had passed. The final vote is expected later this week.

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