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Google Glass Already Being Banned from Strip Clubs

CES is going to be a total bust.
Take a mental snapshot. (Photo:

Take a mental snapshot. (Photo:

When preparing for your Las Vegas strip club romp, make sure to bring those bandz, but leave the Google Glass at home. NBC News reports that clubs are now prohibiting patrons from wearing the face computers inside, because the tiny cameras allow for covert creepshotting–a strip club no-no.

Peter Feinstein, the managing partner of Sapphires Gentlemen’s Club, told NBC that his upstanding establishment already prohibits sneaky clubgoers from taking pictures on their cellphones. Since Glass contains a recording device, it’s no exception. Security officials are asking people to check-in the geeky headgear. If they refuse to do so, it’s going to be an early night.

“If they don’t want to check it, we’d be happy to give them a limo ride back to their hotel,” Feinstein said.

Watching YouTube videos of strippers just doesn’t have the same je ne sais quois.

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