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For Some Reason, Eric Schmidt Thinks Talking to a Computer on Your Face Is ‘The Weirdest Thing’

"OK Glass, stop making me look creepy."
(Photo: AndroidPolice)

(Photo: AndroidPolice)

Though current Google CEO Larry Page seems to be quite at home with his Google Glass, the company’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, is much more candid about the strangeness of having the Internet dance in your field of vision at all times. Speaking to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Mr. Schmidt admitted that talking to a face computer as if it’s your best friend is “the weirdest thing.” At least he’s honest!

Mr. Schmidt also acknowledged that new etiquette will have to be established in order for Glass to enter the mainstream, since it’s basically the creepshotters’ ultimate weapon. “There are obviously places where Google Glasses are inappropriate,” he said, according to Reuters.

We’re pretty sure Mr. Schmidt won’t be satisfied with Glass until Google can put his beloved BBM on it.

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