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Fanboy Heaven: Amazon Will Let Viewers Help Decide Which Pilots Will Get a Full Season

Now if they can only start bringing back the good shows.

zombieland Fanboy Heaven: Amazon Will Let Viewers Help Decide Which Pilots Will Get a Full SeasonFanboys of Firefly/Twin Peaks/Freaks and Geeks are probably infuriated to hear the news that Amazon will let customers decide which of its 14 newly produced Amazon Prime shows will be given a full season run. Although Amazon executives will have the final say, viewer feedback and opinons “matter,” as Amazon’s website constantly reminds you.

After watching any of the free pilots (available to anyone with an Amazon Prime account), viewers are asked to fill out a survey gauging their interest in more episodes.

The headliner is unquestionably Zombieland, the TV show based on the 2009 ZomCom (that’s a genre, right) starring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson (you can check out the trailer here.) But it definitely doesn’t look like the best. From what we can tell, the show treads through a lot of the same tropes and gags that were great in the movie but not so much the second time around — especially when they are copied line for line.

We’re much more excited about Onion News Empire, which gives viewers a look into the pressures and difficulties faced by journalists at the fake outlet. Hopefully some journalism-satire can hold us over until the Newsroom returns.

The move towards original programming on Amazon’s video distribution networks comes just months after the release of Netflix’s original programming hit House of Cards. Maybe they can get Mr. Spacey to play a zombie-killing survivalist?

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