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Facebook’s New ‘Home’ Ads Want You to Know That Everything but Facebook Is Gray and Sad

That's some Matrix shit right there.
fb Facebooks New Home Ads Want You to Know That Everything but Facebook Is Gray and Sad

Man, don’t you just hate your loved ones? (Photo: Screencap)

Facebook is all grown up and making commercials. Too bad this latest batch is as bleak as the time Don Draper tried to sell Hawaii as a place so great you just want to die.  The tl;dr version of these Facebook Home ads: The world is bland. Only Facebook is engaging. Ignore your real life and merge wholly with the social network that’ll provide everything real life can’t.

The latest spot, “Dinner,” features a bunch of family members sitting around a table, enjoying a meal and relishing each other’s company. Kidding! An aunt with spinster-like cat-eye glasses is droning on about grocery shopping for her stupid cats and everyone is miserable. Even the color scheme is downright dismal, like the ad takes place in a Lemony Snicket novel.

But one attractive young lady has an escape route: She’s brought her phone, which means–thanks to Facebook Home! all hail Facebook Home!–she can scroll through pictures of her digital friends having marvelous adventures in the snow, rocking out, watching the ballet, anywhere but with their wretched families.

The first ad in this campaign, “Airplane,” was straightforward: Facebook Home is a pleasant diversion when you’re doing something unpleasant, like boarding an airplane. Fair enough. The second ad, “Launch Day,” was a little more questionable: Zuck appears to congratulate the Facebook crew for their work on Home. A bearded employee is not interested in his boss’s blather, so instead he flips through the entertaining antics of his Facebook friends. Maybe understandable, but it’s also rude as hell.

But this third one really takes the cake. Isn’t the whole point of Facebook supposed to be that it’s a place to keep up with, you know, family members? So much for all that high-minded talk about connecting people.

Guess you can’t sell ads against an IRL family reunion, though.

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